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Commercial Water Damage Restoration and Renovation


Project Details

Project Name: Commercial Property Water Damage Restoration and Renovation
Client: Stamford Estates
Location: Niagara Falls
Project Duration: 4 weeks

Project Scope:
Emergency response to water damage caused by heavy rainfall.
Thorough survey to assess the extent of damage and affected areas.
Swift water extraction to prevent further damage.
Complete structural drying to mitigate potential mold growth.
Implementation of odor control measures.
Comprehensive property reconstruction to restore the commercial space.
Utilization of thermography and non-invasive moisture detection techniques.
Immediate initiation of remediation efforts.
Liaison with the insurance company for efficient claim processing.


Project Description

When heavy rainfall wreaked havoc on our commercial client’s property, our emergency response team swiftly sprang into action. Our initial survey revealed the extensive water damage and affected areas, prompting immediate water extraction to prevent further harm. Thorough structural drying and odor control were essential steps to safeguard against mold growth and restore air quality. We embarked on a comprehensive property reconstruction journey, utilizing thermography and non-invasive moisture detection techniques to ensure no hidden damage remained. Remediation efforts commenced without delay, and we efficiently coordinated with the insurance company to expedite the claim process. This project showcases our dedication to restoring commercial spaces to their full functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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