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Odor Control – Animal Remains in Wall

Project Details

Project Name: Odor Control – Animal Remains in Wall
Client: BHI
Location: Welland
Project Duration: 1 day

Project Scope:
Odor control project to eliminate a foul smell resulting from an animal trapped in the walls.
Utilization of ozone machines and specialized tools for effective odor neutralization.
Identification and safe removal of the animal remains from within the wall.
Comprehensive treatment of affected areas within the property.
Continuous monitoring to ensure complete odor elimination.
Coordination with the client to minimize disruption to their daily life and property use.

odor control
odor control

Project Description

SOS Cleaning Solutions undertook an odor control project that posed a unique challenge—a foul smell emanating from animal remains trapped within the walls. We deployed advanced ozone machines and specialized tools to effectively neutralize the pungent odor. Our skilled team meticulously identified and safely removed the animal remains from their concealed location. Comprehensive treatment was administered to all affected areas within the property, leaving no trace of the odor. Continuous monitoring was an integral part of our approach, ensuring complete elimination. Throughout the project, we coordinated closely with the client to minimize any inconvenience, ultimately delivering a fresh, odor-free living space, free from the lingering scent of the unfortunate incident.

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