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Welland Food Festival Common Area Cleaning

food festival washrooms

Project Briefing

Project Name: Welland Food Festival Common Area Cleaning
Client: Welland Food Festival Committee
Location: Welland, Ontario, Canada
Project Duration: 3 days

Project Scope:
Daily cleaning and maintenance of common areas during the Welland Food Festival.
Responsible for waste collection and disposal.
Utilization of golf carts provided by the city for efficient transportation and logistics.
Coordination with event organizers to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
Quick response to any cleaning-related emergencies.
Ensuring a pleasant and sanitary environment for festival attendees.

Project Description

The Welland Food Festival is a culinary celebration, and maintaining a clean and inviting atmosphere is paramount. Over three days, our dedicated team will be responsible for the daily cleaning and upkeep of all common areas within the festival grounds. This includes thorough garbage collection and disposal to keep the area pristine. To facilitate efficiency, we’ll be utilizing golf carts generously provided by the city, allowing us to swiftly address all cleaning needs. Our coordination with event organizers ensures seamless execution, and we’re prepared to respond promptly to any cleaning emergencies that may arise. Our goal is to contribute to the festival’s success by providing attendees with a delightful and hygienic experience.

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