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Manufacturing Floor Cleaning – Stripping, Sealing, and Waxing

stripping waxing

Project Details

Project Name: Manufacturing Floor Stripping, Sealing, and Waxing
Client: Verbio Biodiesel
Location: Welland
Project Duration: 5 days
Project Scope:
 Stripping old wax from a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing floor.
 Thoroughly cleaning and preparing the surface for sealing.
 Applying a high-quality sealer to protect the floor from wear and tear.
 Applying multiple coats of wax for a glossy finish.
 Final inspection and client walkthrough.

Project Description

Verbio Biodiesel. entrusted us with the revitalization of their manufacturing floor. Our team of experienced professionals embarked on a 5-day journey to restore the floor’s luster. We began by stripping away the worn-out wax and sealer, revealing the underlying surface. After rigorous cleaning and preparation, we applied a top-tier sealer to safeguard against future damage. Multiple layers of wax were meticulously added to achieve a brilliant shine. The result was a factory floor that not only looked immaculate but also provided enhanced durability, ensuring it remained a safe and functional workspace for years to come.

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