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Cooking Odor Control – Ozone and Thermo Fog Machines

Project Details

Project Name: Cooking Odor Control – Ozone and Thermo Fog Machines
Client: Enerco
Location: St Catharines
Project Duration: 3 days

Project Scope:
Odor control project targeting persistent cooking odors within the property.
Utilization of ozone and thermofog machines along with specialized cleaning products and tools.
Comprehensive inspection to pinpoint the origin of the cooking odors.
Treatment of affected areas within the property.
Continuous monitoring to ensure complete odor elimination.
Coordination with the client to minimize disruption to their daily life.

Ozone fire restoration virgil

Project Description

SOS Cleaning Solutions took on an odor control project aimed at combatting lingering cooking odors within a property. To tackle this challenge, we employed a multi-faceted approach, utilizing ozone and thermo fog machines, alongside specialized cleaning products and tools. Our comprehensive inspection helped identify the exact source of the cooking odors, enabling us to focus our efforts effectively. We treated all affected areas within the property, leaving no trace of the unwanted scents. Continuous monitoring ensured that the odors were completely eliminated. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client to minimize any disruption to their daily routine, ultimately delivering a fresh, odor-free living space that was once plagued by persistent cooking smells.

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